3 Red Flags Of A Failing Septic System

A failing septic system can be detrimental. In the weeks or even months that it may take for you to find out something is wrong there is already so much damage that could have happened. For instance sewage can seep out of the tank which could flood the drain field causing corrupt underground water. Why is this bad you ask? This now contaminated “underground water” is also your household water supply meaning you, your family, and your pets could be put up against a major health risk. The quicker you spot the signs of a failing tank, the better. Below we will give you the three most common signs of a failing septic tank so that you know what to keep an eye out for. 

Sewage Backup. This is a clear sign there is a problem. If sewage is backing up in your sinks, tub drains, or toilets you need to call a septic company, and fast! Your septic tank could be full and overflowing or there could be a blockage within the system. Either way this needs to be handled asap. 


Dirty Drinking Water. Contaminated water is another straightforward sign that there is an issue. If you begin to see bacteria or nitrates in your water this means the septic tank is flowing into your water supply either through the ground or overflowing from the surface. Either way, you need to contact your local septic company right away for an inspection as this could put your health at risk. If interested you can get a water test kit from your local health department and test your water monthly for bacteria or nitrates. 


Lush Lawn. Lush green grass in the absorption field is typically a good sign there is a problem. This usually means that a large amount of liquid from your system is moving up through the soil verses down through the soil as it should be. Get an inspection done on your tank very soon. 


If you notice any of these 3 signs, or anything else that may seem not right with your septic system please don’t hesitate to give Miller’s Service a call. 


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