5 Signs You Need A Plumber – And FAST!

Do you know when it is time to call a plumber? It’s ok, it’s not just you. Most homeowners are clueless when it comes to the wide range of plumbing problems that can seriously affect your home, your health, and last but not least, your bills. Here are 5 signs you need a plumber…and now.  Sign Number 1, your basement is flooding. Typically this is only from one thing…burst pipes. This means you need to call a plumber now or there is a good chance your house/property will endure some major water damage.      Sign Number 2, your drains are clogged. Usually we can unclog drains ourselves with baking soda, a plunger, drain cleaner etc, but if you run into an issue where you are unable to unclog them on our own, it’s time for a plumber. Not only can these clogged drains contaminate your home but they can also lead to bursting pipes. No good.      Sign Number 3, there is no water coming from your faucet. Most of the time this means frozen pipes, which means ice expansion, which means burst pipes (see the common factor here), which means you need a plumber asap.    Sign Number 4, your indoor drains have a odor. What does this mean exactly? Leaky sewage pipes. Not only can this cause your home or property damage but it is also really bad for the health of you, your family, and your pets.      Sign Number 5, hearing running water and a high water bill. If you and your family are using the same amount of water as usual yet your water bill is going up, and if you can hear the sound of running water but all the faucets are off, then that means you could have a slab leak. What is this exactly? It is when the water lines beneath the concrete slab your home is built on have a leak. It can be disastrous and you need a plumber now.     

If you have any of these signs or any other plumbing problem don’t hesitate to call Millers Service. We are here for you!

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