Are Your Electrical Problems Harmless Or Hazardous?

Being a homeowner means there is a chance that we could run into all kinds of household problems including electrical. Some can be very simple, DIY fixes but others not so much. See below to determine which problems are harmless and can be fixed yourself verses those problems that need to be handled by a professional, and immediately.  Broken Light Switch – Harmless. Simply turn off the circuit breaker for that particular light so that the electricity goes out. Then take your screwdrivers and remove the faceplate and light switch, once that is complete, test for electricity and then reassemble.  Flickering Lights – Hazardous. This could mean there is poor connection, which can then lead to a loose or broken connection. If the two lose ends periodically connect there is the chance of sparking, overheating, and fire.  Lose Outlets – Harmless. Just turn off the breaker, take off the cover plate, and add cover shims until the outlet is even with the wall.  Light Bulbs Continuously Burning Out – Hazardous. If your light bulbs blow out more often than usual it could mean more than just overuse. You may have a loose connection in your circuit or socket which could lead to a fire. Short Circuit – Harmless. This happens all the time with a hairdryer or any appliance that we use. Just flip the breaker back and you are good to go. It if continues to happen with the same appliance then typically that means you need a new appliance. However, if they frequently trip without the appliance then this simple inconvenience becomes hazardous and needs to be looked at by a professional asap.  Dead Outlets – Hazardous. These usually happen due to excessive heat build up from poor connection or tripped breakers. Call the pros for this one for sure.  Warm Outlets/Switches – Hazardous. Unless this is a dimmer switch you need to contact your electrician immediately to figure out why your switches are warm. 

If you have any questions about your electrical needs reach out to Miller’s Service and we will be happy to help. 

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