Benefits of a Water Softener

Have you been contemplating adding a water softener to your home? Perhaps you’re wondering if it would really be worth it to add one to your home. Today we want to discuss three of the reasons we think it’s worth the time and money to get a water softener installed. 

Reason 1: Adding a water softener helps keep things like dishes and glassware shiner and cleaner than your normal water. It can also help preserve the beauty of your tile and mirrors which may come into contact with the water. The water your dishwasher is running is likely hard, which means that there is a lot of calcium and magnesium in it. The two substances can leave a foggy residue on your dishes even after they’ve been washed several times. The longer you wait to get this problem solved the more permanent this cloudiness will be on your dishes and glassware. Installing a water softener helps get rid of the hardness in your water, meaning your dishes and glassware can get back to their original beauty and shine! Not only does it help preserve the beauty of the things you put in your dishwasher, but having softened water puts less wear on your dishwasher and other appliances that have water run through them. Mineral buildup from hard water can put a strain on your appliances and make your dishes, faucets, and bathrooms look worse. 

Reason 2: Adding a water softener can help make your skin and hair softer and smoother. A water softener helps make your water softener by removing magnesium and calcium from your water. These chemicals when still present cause a chemical reaction with your soap on your skin and in your hair. Leaving your skin and hair not as smooth or soft. Your soaps are not meant to be mixed with additional chemicals such as those found in hard water, therefore, when they interact they leave residue behind on your skin. Hard water can also make your hair cuticles stand up which means that your hair feels dry and bristly. Softer water allows your hair and body’s natural oils to do their work in keeping you clean and smooth after a shower. 

Reason 3: A water softener can help you use less of your everyday products. Not only can it help you use less of your soaps and shampoos but it can help save cleaning products as well. Hard water can leave a residue around the shower, tub, and sink where the water is used. Meaning you need to scrub more often and with the help of more products. A water softener can help to eliminate the need for this tough scrubbing. Allowing you to clean less and use less product. A water softener also helps you use fewer things like shampoo and soap. You won’t have to use as much product to get the lather you want or have to scrub multiple times cause you don’t feel clean yet. Therefore, a water softener helps save you some money on the daily use of products like soap and cleanser! 

We hope that you’ve found these points helpful in your decision to add a water softener to your home. Miller’s is here if you want to discuss more of the pros and cons or if you’re looking for a price estimate. Let us help you make the right decision for your home and your family. Miller’s is also here if you’ve decided this is the right path and want one installed. Give us a call to talk more or to schedule an appointment today! (804) 758-4314

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