Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection

As the spring storm season sets in, it’s a good time to start considering the benefits of whole home surge protection. A power surge can happen in a second and can cause huge issues for the electronics in your home. Power surges can be caused by lightning strikes but can also occur at any time, without warning. Whole home surge protection devices are the greatest defense against power surges of any magnitude. Here are some benefits of having a whole home surge protector installed in your home.

Surge Protection for Expensive Electronics

Electronics and appliances in your home are all at risk for power surges generated by lighting strikes or power spikes on your grid. It doesn’t take much power to destroy sensitive electronics, computers, devices, and appliances. Even a continuous amount of small surges over time can degrade the performance of your electronics. A professionally installed whole home surge protector can prevent harm to your expensive electronics and appliances, PLUS the surge protector costs a lot less than having to replace a whole home of electronics and appliances.

Save Money on Electrical Repair

A power surge can also take a toll on your home’s electrical system itself. Depending on the strength, the surge could blow your service panel or even cause damage to the wiring inside your walls. A whole home surge protector will prevent damage to your homes electrical system and reduce the need for future repairs.

Helps Keep the Power On

Although power surges don’t always knock out the power, some surges are strong enough to do so. A whole home surge protector can be your first line of defense against power outages caused by power surges by protecting your homes electrical system.

Are you ready to protect your home from power surges this storm season? Call Miller’s Services at (804) 758-4314 for whole home surge protector installation. We have a Master Electrician on staff who can service your electrical needs.

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