Enhancing Your Landscape With Outdoor Lighting

As summer comes to an end, our days will soon become shorter – leaving us with less light in the evening. Whether you are working extra hours or taking the kids to soccer practice, you may find yourself arriving home after dusk to a dark house. With landscape lighting, your home can be illuminated, allowing it to both look better and be safer. Luckily, there are quite a few lighting techniques that can give your home the right look; enhancing your landscape or your home exterior.
  1. Wall-mounted Fixtures: these are often placed surrounding your entry doors, highlighting glass details or framing. Placing them high up will make your exterior safe and welcoming to visitors. 
  2. Walkway Lighting: if you have a long walk from the driveway to your porch, these will help light the way. Stagger these fixtures to make walking safer.
  3. Low Lighting: rather than using one, glaring light, try scattered fixtures that use low levels of light for security. 
  4. Accent Lighting: highlight certain elements of your landscape. Shrubbery or trees are often the subject of accent lighting, allowing guests to notice your gardening skills. Accent lights will create subtle shadows that beautify your property.
  5. Shadowing: projecting the look of yard objects onto the surface behind it. This works well with trees that have open foliage, adding drama to your landscape with a larger than life effect.
  6. Up-Lighting: light objects from the ground up, like tall trees or flagpoles, to show off their shape or structure. 
  7. Combination Lights: often found in gazebos, cooking stations, and outdoor seating. This technique uses multiple light fixtures to illuminate structures, similar to what you would do in an indoor space.
No matter what lighting option you choose, you are sure to wow guests and feel safer at night. If you are looking to add some outdoor lighting to your home, contact Miller’s at 804-758-4314. Our experienced electrician can help you find the technique that works for your home.
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