Home Air Purification

Our homes should be comfortable and safe for us, especially right now when we’re spending so much time in them. Today, we wanted to share some basic information about how you can keep your home’s air pure and clean. Air purification in your home can help with a number of problems such as allergies, viruses, mold, and other pesky problems that keep you from having the best quality air in your home and make you feel uncomfortable. We’re going to answer all your basic questions about a home air purification system, so you can decide if it’s right for your home.

How does it work and should I get one? 

An air purification system works by removing contaminants from your home keeping your air pure and high quality. Your home can be five times more polluted than outside simply because of contaminants you may not even be aware of. Some of the possible contaminants in your home include mold, pollen, dust, viruses, and pet hair. You should consider getting an air purification unit if you’re looking to remove common allergens or keep smells out of your home. 

What are some options and what does cost and installation look like? 

There are two types of air purifiers you can get for your home: a portable unit or a whole-house unit. A portable air purifier is smaller, cheaper, and is about the same size as a fan, keeping it mobile in your home for places you feel need extra purification. This option also does not require professional installation and has minimal upkeep. A whole-house system is more costly and requires the help of a professional to be installed. However, it works in conjunction with your HVAC unit to keep your entire house contaminant free. You may find this option is better because it will take care of the entire home, leaving little worry about contaminants in the house. You should always consider the size, age, and style of your home when deciding which type of air purifier may work best for you and your home. 

What are some tips about maintenance and upkeep?

We want you to consider what maintenance and upkeep can look like for you depending on the air purifier you choose. If you choose a small portable unit, upkeep will be relatively easy. These typically come with reusable filters that will need to be washed periodically to keep them in clean working condition. The maintenance of a whole-home unit will be similar. You will likely need to change the filter every 6 months to a year, this can be done by a professional if you don’t feel comfortable. Besides this the maintenance is minimal and units should last a long time before needing to be updated or completely changed. As always there may be problems that need to be fixed during the life of the product which can be handled by a professional. 

The option to add an air purifier to your home can be a serious one. It’s important you do more research and come to a decision that fits best with your home and lifestyle. Whether you want to avoid the current virus, you have spring allergies, or just want healthier air we can help you figure out what’s best!. We’re also happy to help with the installation process or any maintenance that you may need done on a current unit. Head out to our website https://millers-va.com/ or give us a call (804) 758-4314 to learn more about how we can help you today!

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