Is Your Septic System Ready For Spring?

I know we never thought spring would come, here in Virginia, but it is finally here. Although it may not feel like spring, the warm weather will soon be upon us. When we think about spring we think about all of the fun things we can do with our friends and family in the warm weather, we begin spring cleaning and decluttering, and we start to imagine what our spring landscaping will look like. But does your septic system cross your mind? If not, it should. Below are a few steps you can take to prepare for this season and make sure that your septic tank is working properly. 
  1. If you smell any nasty odors in or around your home there is a problem. This rotten egg or sulfur smell usually indicates that your system is backing up and needs to be pumped, however it could also mean other, more serious problems. If you notice this odor, call the experts right away. Remember, the longer you wait to call, the bigger the problem can become. 
  2. If you can see any pooling or ponding on or around your septic covers, this may also indicate a septic back up, and you need to call Miller’s Immediately!  
  3. Be sure that your gutters are directed away from your home and not towards your septic covers or leach field. This will prevent that pooling or ponding, and dreaded back ups. 
  4. Make sure you know the location of your septic system filter. The main reason for knowing the location is for maintenance and upkeep of the filter. We recommend that you clean or replace your septic filters every few months to get rid of any solid debris, scum, and carryover that will leak into your leach field. Maintaining this will help prevent back ups and system failure. 
  5. Have septic covers that are up to grade and easily accessible. This will ensure your septic system is protected, and will save you and your septic company time and money when having it serviced.  
  6. Be sure to schedule an inspection if you think any part of your system or its components have been damaged throughout the winter, so that you can ensure a well working septic system to get you though the spring and summer. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call Miller’s Service for all of your Septic, Plumbing, Electric and Drain Cleaning needs. 

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