Is Your Plumbing Ready For Winter?

Winter has only just begun and with all the snow that we have already had and the remaining still to come, there are 3 huge things you need to be sure to keep an eye on. These winter plumbing precautions could have extreme negative effects if not properly taken care of or prevented.    Your septic tank is precaution number 1. This is extremely important to keep an eye on during long periods of snow or when the weather is below freezing. This is because when the ground freezes and stays frozen for a long period of time there is the chance that parts of your septic tank could be at risk for freezing. The biggest concern is where the septic line leaves the house and runs to your tank. Be sure that it is covered with some form of insulation such as mulch, hay, or leaves. In most cases the regular house hold activity will keep the line from freezing but it’s always a cause for concern especially if you are going out of town as the line won’t be in use as much.    Frozen pipes is precaution number 2. In the winter exposed pipes can lead to the worst disasters. More commonly the pipes partially freeze and restrict the water coming through however in the worst case the pipes fully freeze and then burst leading to a ton of flooding. The best thing to do is insulate your exposed pipes (like any directly outside of your house, in crawlspaces, basements or attics) with a pipe cover. Another option is to leave the water in the kitchen and bathrooms on a slow drip so that there is consistently water coming through and preventing them from freezing.    Clogged drains is precaution number 3. When you think cold weather you think of chili or many other hearty, warm, comforting foods but what we do not consider is that with those come the extra grease and leftover scraps that could get washed down your drain and then cause a clog. The easy fix for this is to make sure you are dumping everything into the garbage instead of down the sink.   

Hopefully none of these winter problems happen to you but if they do don’t hesitate to reach out to Millers Service for all of your Plumbing, Septic, Electric, and Drain Cleaning problems!

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