Preparing Your HVAC System For Fall and Winter

Summer has officially ended and fall has finally arrived. This means holidays, leaves, sweaters, and the thrill of the holidays, but it also means that cold weather is closer than we think. With winter being right around the corner, it’s important to know exactly what to do to make sure you stay warm during these next few months and that your HVAC system is running smoothly.

The first and most forgotten tip is to schedule a professional appointment. If you’re unfamiliar with HVAC and aren’t exactly sure what needs to be done to prepare for the colder weather, a professional from Miller’s Services is able to provide a certified assessment to point you in the right direction. Having your HVAC system routinely checked will not only fix any current problems, but also prevent any future problems from developing when you need to depend on the heat the most.

Another important tip is to regularly clean out or replace your air filters. Your air filters should be changed every 3 months at minimum, but this can vary depending on your household. Clean filters help with air flow, making sure your system is not struggling to put out heat is important if you want to save on your energy bills. It doesn’t matter if you have a heat pump, a furnace, or a more modern HVAC unit because all of these systems need to be cleaned for the most efficient and qualitative heating.

If you have had problems with your heating system in the past, you may want to consider purchasing a new unit. This may sound daunting but it can help you out in the long run. Constant repairs can get pricey and inconvenient. Knowing that you have system you can depend on and staying warm in the cold weather will make the investment worth your while.

It is essential that all homes are up to date with their heating units and that we stay warm and comfortable as the cold weather approaches. If you are worried about staying warm this fall and/or winter, don’t be afraid to call Miller’s Services at (804) 758-4314 for a thorough inspection. 

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