Top 3 Fall HVAC Problems

Fall is here! Feelings are often a mixed bag considering the changing weather, but one thing that should be certain is the heat in your home. 

As you get ready to take on the chilly fall temperatures, making sure your HVAC system is working properly should be a high priority. 

Listed below are three all-important measures you can take to make sure you have a healthy and heated fall season.

Heat Cycling

The introduction of cold temperatures to the fall season means you will be shifting the focus from your air conditioner to your heater. 

A warning sign you should take note of is a lack of full, proper cycles coming from your heater. If you find that your heater is stopping short of its usual cycle, this likely indicates something is wrong. 

The likely cause of this problem is either a dirty filter or a broken thermostat. If changing your filter doesn’t work and your thermostat is noticeably broken, don’t be afraid to give us a call to help fix the issue. Improper heat cycling can lead to an increase in your utility bill.

Carbon Monoxide

A colorless, odorless and tasteless substance, carbon monoxide is a deadly guest that can appear unannounced in your living space. 

The most common place for a carbon monoxide leak occurs in older furnaces. It is important to know how long your furnace has been in your home and to replace it if it is at least a decade old.

The most proactive measure you can take as a homeowner is to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home. Human senses will fail you when it comes to realizing whether the deadly gas is being released into your home. 

Give us a call if your detector notices anything – we will be able to offer professional help and find and fix leaks.

Uneven Heat

No one likes the experience of enjoying a perfectly cozy room during the cold fall season only to step foot into another that is significantly colder. It is easy to think that the problem may lie in your heater, but there are multiple reasons your home may be inconsistently heated. 

One of the major causes of uneven heat in your home is imperfections in your walls. Look around windows and doors for holes and cracks. The insulation in your home may also be damaged. 

Another reason for uneven heating is due to a cleanliness problem. Furnaces and filters, along with air ducts and vents, can often become dirty over time. 

Contact us if you suspect the source is due to complex problems. Additional reasons for uneven heating require maintenance and should be looked at by a professional.

Keeping your HVAC system working properly during the fall season is a must. If you find that your system requires emergency services, we are available on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Give us a shout at (804)758-4314!

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