Weird Smells Coming From Your Heater? Here’s Why!

Making sure your heater works properly is extremely important, especially as we use it more often during these colder months. Once we begin using our furnaces and heaters more regularly, different smells may radiate from these sources. Although not all smells are indicative of some deep, underlying issue, a lot of smells aren’t good for your household and could be a sign that something isn’t right with your heating systems. Here are a few reasons why your heater could be smelling funny.

Because there’s a period of time where we don’t touch our heaters for a while, some households experience this “burning” smell that is actually a result of collected dust and residue. Once we turn our heaters on after a while, this dust begins to burn as a result and releases a distinct odor. This initial smell is normal for the first few times that you use your heater again, but if this smell persists throughout every single use, you might want to call a professional to make sure everything is alright.

Another common smell that comes from heaters/furnaces is a wet dirt-like, musty odor. Causes of this scent are typically dirt and dust being trapped within the air ducts or vent of the heating system, causing the dirt to be blown outward and throughout your home/apartment. Once again, this might be because of the need for a heater replacement or a new filter. This is definitely a sign that you should contact a professional, because only then will you know what steps are needed to fix the issue.

The next smell is the far too common smell of electrical burning. Causes of this smell include the possibility of an inanimate object being caught in the vent, an impaired heater, or a sign that your heating system has overheated. There’s a lot of different possibilities, so it’s important that you make sure what the actual root of the issue is so that your heating system can go back to normal as soon as possible.

Perhaps the most dangerous smell is the odor of burning oil or smoke. If the smell is obvious and persistent, it could be a huge indicator that there is a serious problem with your heating system. 

If any of these smells are familiar to you, make sure you contact Miller’s Services for a professional analysis of your HVAC system so that your home can return to smelling like it should. We can help assist you in furnace replacements, repairs, and much more. Call (804) 758-4314 for any odor issues today!

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