When to Get an Electrical Inspection

Most of the time, when you purchase a home, an electrical inspection is either required or requested to ensure there are no existing problems before buying. However, there are other times throughout your stay in your home that an additional electrical inspection would make sense. Considering that electrical problems are often the cause of home fires, it is important to make sure your home is safe at all times. Here are a few instances where an electrical inspection may be necessary.
  1. After DIY work. Whether it was you as the homeowner, or an amateur electrician performing some DIY work, you may want to make sure that the work was done correctly through a trained, experienced electrician. 
  2. Before home upgrades. Home renovations, especially additions, should mean that you get an electrical inspection done. This way, you will be able to tell if your existing electrical system can support additional outlets and fixtures. You can save time and money having it done beforehand so that any upgrades or repairs can be done while your renovations are taking place.
  3. Your home is older. If your home is 25-30 years or older, it should be inspected every few years to make sure everything is still working the way it is supposed to.
  4. If you didn’t get a proper inspection before purchase. Just because you didn’t get it at first, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one at all. It’s better to know of any problems for safety reasons. 
  5. After storm damage. Severe weather can cause problems in your electrical system without you even realizing it. Water damage, tree limbs and debris, and lightning can cause damage to any wired portion of your home. 
  6. If you have sudden or recurring problems. This one may be the most obvious but if electrical problems start happening out of the blue or keep occurring, then an inspection is probably due.
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