Why Does My Tap Water Taste So Bad?

We are now in the throws of our wild, American summer and the days have become long and hot. Sometimes nothing is better than a nice, tall glass of ice-cold water to quench our thirst and cool us down. And these days, those of us who are environmentally conscious, will avoid bottled water in favor of using refillable bottles, filling them from our tap. But what happens when you have bad-tasting (or smelling) tap water?

There can be multiple causes for bad-tasting tap water. The reasons can range from plumbing issues to the chemicals used to treat the water. Or, it could be due to contaminants getting into the water supply. Here are some common issues and the culprits behind them.

Water tastes/smells like bleach

This issue is almost always seen with water supplies that come from city water. City water treatment plants will add chlorine to the water supply to kill any bacteria present. Though killing the bacteria is great, the chlorine added will cause the bleach taste and smell in your tap water. 

Water tastes like metal

Have you ever had tap water that has a metal taste to it? That is because there are natural existing metals, like iron, lead, arsenic, and mercury, that can leach into the water supply. Small traces of most metals are typically not harmful, but lead in any amount can be quite harmful to a person’s health.

Water smells like rotten eggs

Having a rotten egg smell to your water is caused by sulfide gas. This smell can also be caused by chemical reactions to rocks, soil or the breakdown of organic material in or near the water supply. This is typically seen with well water. 

Water tastes salty

There are a couple of reasons why your tap water may have a salty taste to it. For those who live near a coast, seawater can sometimes get into the local water supply, causing the salty taste. In other instances, chloride or sulfate from irrigation drainage or industrial waste has gotten into the water.

If you notice that your water has a bad smell or taste, you should try to figure out the cause. Finding the root cause of your undesirable water is the first step to treating the issue and getting back on track with some great-tasting, healthy water for you and your family. Miller’s Services can help you find the root cause of your bad-tasting tap water and we can help you fix the problem so that you want to drink your tap water again. Give us a call at 804-758-4314! We’re here for you 24/7!

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