Why Realtors Should Encourage Septic Pre-Inspections

Summer is the most ideal time for buying a house; the kids are out of school, there is more free time, and the dreaded cold is a few months away. Most buyers are too busy worrying about mortgages and closing costs, leaving the septic system to be overlooked until closing time. This can quickly turn into a real headache for the buyer, the seller, and the real estate agent. We have got some tips on why real estate agents should encourage all parties to place a focus on their septic systems.
  • It’s most likely time for a pump-out. A family has been living there and a new one is coming in. There could be variations in how much water they use, what they flush down the toilet, etc. Buyers will know if they need to start fresh.  
  • The septic system needs to be replaced. This happens more with older homes; if the system has been in place for 20-30 years, it’s reaching the end of its life expectancy. This does not mean that new systems are off the hook, they should be inspected as well.
  • The septic tank is too small. What works for a family of two may not work for a family of four. Adjustments may need to be made for the buyers to live comfortably with their septic system.
  • Damage could cause problems. Maybe the previous owners parked a car on top of the drain-field or tree roots are dangerously close to the piping. A full inspection will determine what could potentially harm the septic tank and give the buyers and sellers an opportunity to address repairs.  
  • Avoid delays. Waiting until the last minute to perform septic inspections could cause delays in closing as everyone waits for the inspection report. New buyers want to know beforehand if they are going to have to make costly repairs or replacements. 
Having a trusted septic company perform a pre-inspection of a house on the market could save all parties time and money. This will allow you to discuss issues, repairs, or replacements with the buyers and sellers so that everyone has peace of mind throughout the closing process. Call Miller’s at 804-758-4314 for a pre-inspection on any property you have listed and we will perform a FREE re-inspection within 30 days following the closing.
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